South Korea’s Science Ministry Introduces The Youth To Blockchain

South Korea has seen a decrease in youth employment. The Science Ministry thinks it has the perfect solution: A Blockchain Training Initiative.

Youth To Blockchain

In a press release published on August 9, the South Korean government announced the launch of a blockchain training program aimed at fostering young talent in the nation’s blockchain efforts.

The 2018 Innovative Growing Youth Talent Concentration Project is the second part of the initiative after a successful inaugural round, which ran from June 11 to July 10.

The initiative will be hosted by Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and the Institute for Information and Communications Technology Promotion.

Helping The Country’s Youth

South Korean Ministry of Science and ICTParticipants in the program will go through a six-month training course that will cover the application of blockchain and other technologies in other sectors. The training is set to begin in mid-September.

The press release explains that the initiative’s ultimate goal is a decrease in youth deployment and to match people with the right line of work.

Young-Kyung Won, an official from Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy comments:

“Innovative growth through the fostering of young talent, we will foster talents that match the company’s level of vision, offer new opportunities for young people who are looking for jobs, and actively support young people to create jobs.”

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