At Its Lowest Price, XRP Could Be Your New Investment

If you’re interested in buying XRP, then here’s your window. Litecoin and Ripple’s prices dropped to their lowest point this 2018.


The third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the world, XRP, dwindled down by seven cents ($0.35) on Wednesday.

From its previous low of $0.42 in July, the current price is reduced to the lowest level since December 12 last year.

litecoin-and-XRP-rippleBased on CoinMarketCap’s data, the downward trajectory of XRP’s price keeps going down by 11.76 percent over a 24-hour basis and drops one percent on the hour.

However, XRP is not the only one. Even other major cryptocurrencies are flashing red. Bitcoin went down by 4.86 percent while Litecoin declined by 8.78 percent. Ethereum and EOS are also down 6.89 pecent and 7.96 percent respectively.

Coinsquare, a Toronto-based cryptocurrency exchange, saw this cascading trend and made it into an opportunity to add XRP to its coin offerings.

The brokerage platform announced in their press release:

“XRP has been a highly requested asset which we are thrilled to now be offering to Canadians.“

Coinsquare says users will be able to trade their XRP to other cryptocurrencies but won’t be able to withdraw it to an external wallet.

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