44 Percent Of Russians Shows “Healthy Skepticism” On Cryptocurrency

Are Russians doubting thomases when it comes to crypto? Survey says they’re just careful.


Less than half of Russians are acquainted with cryptocurrency, a survey conducted by a research holding Romir showed, August 7.

One thousand five hundred (1,500) Russians disclosed about their knowledge and their plans to engage in the industry. The respondents came from different age groups, income levels, and federal districts.

Andrey Milekhin

In general, the results revealed that 44 percent are familiar with cryptocurrencies. Young people, mostly men, makes up 13 percent who claim to understand digital money well.

Meanwhile, the majority of the respondents (56%) admit that they have no clue about the new technology. This batch of respondents who came from both high and low-income groups answered they do not have a clear understanding of cryptocurrency.

Andrew Milekhin, Romir’s President, commented:

“The study clearly demonstrated that the crypto currency has not yet become a significant financial tool. Moreover, the Russian society, which was repeatedly burned in various schemes of rapid enrichment, demonstrates a healthy skepticism in this case.”

However, this might change. Recently, the Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RACIB) created a whitelist of firms that offers crypto-related services and products in Russia.

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