Crypto Exchange To Extend Dollar-To-Crypto Scheme To Eth Classic And Ripple

Crypto exchange Bittrex will be extending its dollar-to-crypto trading service to Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ripple’s XRP.


Cryptocurrency exchange platform Bittrex will be rolling out its latest fiat trading update for Ethereum Classic and Ripple’s XRP token, according to its official announcement yesterday, August 8.

Toward Further Adoption

bittrex-logoThe said update will begin on August 20, wherein users of the aforementioned tokens can access the services which are currently available for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as stablecoins Tether (USDT) and TrueUSD (TUSD).

Bittrex will be extending its services to other cryptocurrencies in the future using a phased approach, which, according to the exchange, is fashioned in a way that its processes and systems are functioning optimally before they open it up to its customers.

The exchange is excited about the addition of the said trading pairs, as it will not only offer its customers a seamless experience in purchasing cryptocurrencies on its exchange with US dollars, but it will also offer trading pairs that “may only be found on our platform.”

Bittrex expressed:

“Today’s announcement is another exciting step toward further adoption of blockchain technology, which is truly revolutionary. In addition to broader acceptance, expanding fiat markets to the top digital currencies on our trading platform will help limit the dominance and influence of any token over other blockchain projects—a necessary evolution if we’re going to unleash blockchain’s potential benefits for consumers and businesses.”

Apply Here!

For those who are interested in applying for USD trading, the exchange instructs that the customers complete a request form—there is a separate form for corporate and personal accounts. Those who already have an account at Bittrex may be able to do so, provided that they are in the eligible states and qualified international regions.

Those who are not residing in eligible locations need not worry, as the exchange assured that it will be expanding to more states soon. This is due to the nature of its phased approach.

Teams that already have their tokens listed on the exchange can apply for possible inclusion in the service. They will only have to supply the necessary information on a form by clicking here. Furthermore, those that are planning to be listed on Bittrex’ exchange may apply here.

For those possessing personal accounts, you may click here to avail of the service, while for corporate clients, you may apply here. Meanwhile, check out the latest news on our cryptocurrency news site.

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