Ukraine Testing Blockchain Election Using NEM’s Tech

Sick and tired of not knowing if your vote has been tampered with? On a Facebook post, Ukraine’s Stelmakh tells you that is about to change.


Oleksandr Stelmakh, a member Ukraine’s Central Election Commission, commented about the ongoing trial run of a blockchain technology via “Facebook” on Tuesday.

Blockchain Voters

Oleksandr Stelmakh

Stelmakh recommended his Facebook friends to join in a test vote. The “dry run” that started in July is a collaboration with a local NEM Foundation group which uses NEM’s blockchain platform. Many companies and institutions have already tested this production-ready, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain platform.

Blockchain is known for its immutability — the impossibility to make changes to the saved information.

According to “Stelmakh”:

“These are the properties they have tried to use to save the information of the ballot sessions.”

He added that it was held in the test environment of the blockchain NEM. Anton Bosenko, representative of the NEM Foundation in Ukraine, gave the the test coins used for the transactions. Stelmakh further noted that the blockchain test environment has 28 nodes.

“Small Price To Pay”

Based on the results, the experiment would cost roughly $1,227 to place. It can be utilized to vote in each police station. This, Stelmakh said, was a small price to pay for the blockchain technology.

In his Facebook post, he also announced that the pre-test period for the blockchain experiment and polls using test coins was still ongoing and not yet closed.

The efforts to apply the technology for tabulating votes best represents the official’s work. The idea is that blockchain could be used to create an unchangeable record to aid in tallying issues during the final counts.

Aside from serving as an advanced tool for proxy voting on corporate matters, NEM’s blockchain technology has also innovated how some people from other countries “commute” every day.

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