Ripple To Help Grant Madonna’s Birthday Wish For Malawi

Ripple is joining Madonna in her quest to raise Malawi from its depressing plight.


In its official post, Ripple announced that it will be assisting the “Queen of Pop” Madonna and Raising Malawi, a non-profit organization, in a month-long campaign to raise funds for orphans and vulnerable children across the said African country. The campaign began on July 30, with the post being published on the same date, and will conclude on August 31.

Honored And Grateful

For the entire duration of the campaign, Ripple will be matching all public donations in accordance with the vision and help in the sponsoring of children through Facebook.

Eric van Miltenburg, Ripple’s SVP of Business Operations, expressed how honored they are for becoming part of Raising Malawi’s “amazing work with some of the world’s most underserved children” and how grateful they are to their investors at Sound Ventures for “making the introduction to us and this important cause.”

An hour into the campaign’s launch, Raising Malawi fundraiser had already gained $3,200 toward its $60,000 aim. Facebook added that 100 percent of every donation would proceed directly to Raising Malawi’s project at Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi.

“Every dollar raised will go directly to meals, schools, uniforms and health care,” Madonna assured. “I want to come together with my friends, fans, and supporters to change the lives of Malawian children and let them know that they are nurtured, protected, and loved.”

No Better Gift

Madonna, Pop Icon and Raising Malawi Founder
Madonna, Pop Icon and Raising Malawi Founder

In 2006, Madonna launched Raising Malawi for the sole purpose of improving children’s lives in the said country. This began when she found out that “over a million children were orphaned by AIDS, living in one of the poorest countries in Africa,” causing her to feel an “overwhelming sense of responsibility to get involved and do what I could to help bring awareness to the situation.”

Since then, the initiative has built a pediatric surgery and intensive care unit (ICU) in the country, wherein 1,690 pediatric surgeries had already been performed. There are over 750 orphans that have been supported through its community-based child care centers. Overall, about 10,000 students have been served in terms of education. The numbers will be sure to increase should the campaign prove successful.

The pop icon has only one wish for her birthday:

“I have an unwavering commitment to providing vulnerable children with a loving home. For my birthday, I can think of no better gift than connecting my global family with this beautiful country and the children who need our help most.”

Madonna will be celebrating her 60th birthday on August 16.

For those who would like to grant the pop icon’s birthday wish, you may visit this to pledge your donation. Meanwhile, you can head over here to our cryptocurrency news portal to find out more about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain are reshaping the global landscape.

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