Google And Facebook Are Becoming More Crypto-Friendly By The Day

With the recent cryptocurrency-friendly developments in Google and Facebook, crypto enthusiasts might now be asking if they’re receiving their early Christmas gifts already.


Google and Facebook, two of the internet’s household names, recently introduced crypto-friendly updates on their platform, which could very well be contributing to the increase in Bitcoin’s price.

Crypto-Loving Feature

google-cryptoIf you haven’t noticed it yet, Google has introduced a new feature on its search bar wherein you can inquire about the price of certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash in US dollar. Instead of feeding you with links to exchanges that provide the answer that you’re needing, Google will be doing the task itself.

Ethereum doesn’t have that feature just yet, even though it might not be long before we see it come to pass. However, its price can be viewed through the “currency converter” tool on Google.

Some crypto bulls expressed through their Twitter posts that the move is somehow one of the reasons for Bitcoin’s price rise, along with Blackrock’s announcement of its crypto exploration and with countries crafting crypto and blockchain-friendly regulations.

On The Books

facebook-cryptoFacebook, on the other hand, had a recent change of heart regarding crypto advertisement on its platform. Since June 26, the social media platform updated its policy to allow crypto-related ads on its platform.

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s CEO, took his excitement on Twitter, saying that he’s proud to say that they’ve “now been whitelisted and are back introducing more people to an open financial system.”

Earlier this month, Facebook’s Evan Cheng updated his LinkedIn account, saying that he has just become the Director of Engineering and Blockchain. Facebook later confirmed the news, affirming that it has indeed given Cheng the lofty position, and that interesting things are being brewed within its very walls.

Even though Facebook and Google have not yet fully embraced cryptocurrencies, but the crypto world is definitely seeing some improvement. And if the crypto enthusiasts are correct, then Bitcoin should include the two internet giants in the list of those it will be thanking.

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