Encrypted Email Company To Cook Something Big With ICO As Main Ingredient

ProtonMail is planning to launch an ICO, and it seems to be taken well by the crypto community.


ProtonMail, an encrypted email platform, announced yesterday, July 23, that it is looking into launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) along with a massive job hiring.

Wishing “The Best”

protomail-logoThe platform was launched in 2014 and has been providing its encrypted email service since then. But a significant number of crypto enthusiasts, especially the ones who have just recently been cryptovangelized have not heard of its ingenious services until now.

Bart Butler, ProtonMail’s Chief Technology Officer, said the announcement on Twitter in response to a couple of crypto enthusiasts who were curious about the ongoing development. “We are exploring issuing a token as an alternative to traditional venture capital funding,” he said, “and no, we’re not looking for a payday.”

Apparently, ProtonMail already has a token — ProtonCoin —in preparation for it.

The sudden announcement has ruffled a few feathers, but the majority of the responses have been positive, with one commenter trusting ProtonMail “will do the right thing, whatever that is,” and is wishing the platform “the best.”

Cooking Something Big

ProtonMail’s massive job hiring has not revealed much regarding the project that it will be undertaking. But one of the qualifications that the platform is looking for in the blockchain developer position is that the person must have participated in at least one successful ICO and that he must be an expert in developing secure Ethereum smart contracts.

Based from the preferred qualifications, it would be safe to imply that ProtonMail will launch its ICO once it has hired a qualified blockchain developer. Also, the date for the ICO launch might depend on how long before a highly qualified blockchain developer appears on ProtonMail’s door.

They are also looking to fill the vacancies for the following jobs such as front-end developer, software engineer, iOS and Android developer, business development, among others. ProtonMail is indeed up to something massive, even though much information has not yet been released to the public.

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