Hong Kong’s 100 Media Organizations To Unite For Blockchain

A group of media organizations in Hong Kong are now acknowledging the fact that there are a lot of things to talk about regarding blockchain technology.


The recently concluded Global Media Blockchain Summit produced impressive results, as over 100 media organizations have consorted to form the Global Media Blockchain Alliance in Hong Kong, China Times reported on July 20.

Healthier Environment

Hong Kong FlagThe summit was held on July 19 in the Financial Hall of Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange, with the chief motive to “create a healthy public opinion environment for the blockchain industry,” the article from China Times read.

The alliance recognized the unique platform that media organizations offer in the blockchain field and facilitated a healthy public opinion exchange. Also, they will “excavate industry value, combat industry fraud, and contribute to the healthy development of the blockchain industry.”

People’s Daily also published the same, saying that the alliance will be providing an open media membership entry mechanism for resource integration, as well as a reliable media blockchain platform.

Yu Guoming, Beijing Normal University’s executive director for its School of Journalism and Communication, explained that the said media blockchain could only create “a more a sound and good media ecology if it is fully developed.” That is why mainstream media organizations must take the responsibility in developing the platform.

Blockchain To Combat Fake News?

Last month, Eyeo, the developer of Adblock Plus, revealed that it will be using blockchain technology in creating a Google Chrome extension which can spot fake news. The said Chrome extension is currently in beta phase and will be available exclusively for Google Chrome.

The add-on could categorize alleged news into “trustworthy”, “unknown”, “clickbait”, or even “satire”. For the classification, eyeo will be leaning on four fact-checking organizations: PolitiFact, Snopes, Wikipedia, and Zimdars’ List.

To accomplish the feat, Eyeo partnered with MetaCert Protocol for the maintenance of the project’s database, which would then be moved to the Ethereum blockchain.

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