Cryptocurrency Has A Heart: 6 Times Crypto Gave Back

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are changing the way the world works. From the industrial sector to banking to supply chains and even agriculture, crypto and blockchain touches our lives and the world of humanitarian action is one place where crypto can make a big impact.

Crypto Donations

The world of crypto is by turns weird, wild and wonderful, and it has a heart too! Let’s take a look at cryptocurrencies paying it forward:

1. UNICEF Gives Aid With Crypto

UNICEF LogoUN organization UNICEF has long championed the rights of children and the less fortunate since it started in 1946. Lately, UNICEF has leveraged the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain for its relief efforts.

In May 2018, UNICEF’s Australian homepage gave visitors the chance to help by mining crypto on their page, borrowing their visitor’s computing power. Proceeds were used to help in Bangladesh and Myanmar. UNICEF also used the power of the Ethereum blockchain to help the war-torn country of Syria, using the blockchain to distribute food aid.

2. Redditors Pay It Forward In Venezuela

NANO CoinVenezuela’s economic crisis has ballooned to near-catastrophic levels, with sky-high inflation rates making it hard for their citizens to purchase the basic necessities.

In early July, a Venezuelan Reddit user posted about the current conditions in his home country and about receiving 0.5 NANO as a donation. The post quickly mushroomed into a concentrated effort from Reddit’s crypto community, with the donations so far reaching the equivalent of $68,000.

Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts weren’t far behind in Venezuela either, with charitable group EatBCH raising $22,800 for charitable efforts in South America and Sudan.

3. Brian Armstrong And Coinbase Empower People With Crypto

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO
Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO

Back in June 2018, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong announced the launch of his crypto charity aimed at “financially empower[ing] people by distributing cryptocurrency globally.”

Dubbed, the charity raises funds and distributes crypto to people in need globally, with a special focus on developing countries and countries undergoing economic crises. The fund has raised over $1 million so far and continues to grow.

4. The Pineapple Fund Raises Millions For Charity

Bitcoin PineappleThe Pineapple Fund is an anonymous charity that started in 2017. Calling him/herself “Pine,” the donor has so far donated over $55 million in Bitcoin to 60 charities worldwide.

“Pine” continues his/her charitable projects, and has more in store at their website, Truly a hero for the age of crypto.

5. Fidelity Charitable Helps Out With Crypto

Fidelity LogoGlobal charitable organization Fidelity Charitable accepts donations in both cash and goods, and in 2015, became an adopter of crypto.

The charitable organization so far has raised $69 million in crypto donations and more pour in for their relief efforts.


6. Binance Isn’t Just About Money

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao

Binance may be in the news lately because of its monster profits to the tune of $300 million, but that isn’t the only reason the exchange is news-worthy. Binance has shown a humanitarian drive that is on display here.

The crypto exchange recently launched their own charity, the Binance Charity Foundation led by Helen Lai, formerly of the Made in Africa Initiative, and a goodwill ambassador for UNIDO. Binance also announced its $1 billion Social Impact Fund and their CEO, Changpeng Zhao, pledged $1 million in crypto for Japanese flood relief efforts.

Cryptocurrencies have shown time and again that they are the future of money, and now, they can be called the future of charitable work as well.

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