Genesis’ Peter Gabriel To Finance Provenance

What do you know? Genesis’ Peter Gabriel is now a blockchain investor.


British blockchain startup Provenance has recently taken the news into the mainstream, announcing that it has secured an influential investor, and it’s nothing less than former Genesis’ singer Peter Gabriel.

Provenance-Logo17 hours ago, Provenance posted the announcement on its Twitter account, including also the news that they have Chemain Sanan from Humanity United and Alexsis de Raadt-St. James from Merian Ventures at the helm of the startup’s board.

Three hours later, Working Capital Fund posted a tweet, informing the public that Peter Gabriel has just funded Provenance’s platform, which, the tweet said, will “enable brands and retailers to bring integrity and transparency to their supply chains.”

Gabriel said:

“We need to be able to trust the source and distribution chain, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing that things are produced ethically and in an ecologically sound way. I am convinced that the service Provenance provides, using their blockchain data system, is going to find a big role going forward and will be of great use to the consumer and provide a level playing field for smaller, independent producers on which to compete with the players. Jessi Baker and her team are very impressive and I fully expect them to do really well.”

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