Qiwi Displays Ingenuity Through Its Employee-Friendly System

Russian company Qiwi will be releasing its own token. And what for? Apparently, it’s to incentivize its employees.


Qiwi has recently announced that it will be creating a token reward system for its employees through its subsidiary Qiwi Blockchain Technologies (QBT).

The said subsidiary was created only in March this year, and has since incubated many blockchain solutions, including the recent reward system, which is tied to Qiwi’s very own earnings, and which will be implemented this year.

Qiwi LogoAccording to Konstantin Koltsov, one of Qiwi’s partners, the system will be spending up to 50 percent of the net profit of the company, which will be converted to tokens.

The tokens can be converted into several company perks, which are not disclosed as of the moment. Currently, they cannot be converted into fiat money, even though the firm does not close its doors to the idea.

Koltsov said:

“We are not just raw design, and the finished product. We want our employees participated in the development of the company directly and not in the development of KPI indicators in isolation from the strategic objectives of the company.”

Furthermore, Qiwi intends to add some sort of a voting token, which would empower its employees to evaluate their co-staff regarding their performance.

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