Lufthansa Is Now In The Blockchain-o-Sphere

Unibright is now on cloud nine, courtesy of Germany’s Lufthansa.


The Pillar Unconference has produced stunning results, as Lufthansa, one of Europe’s largest airlines —and possibly the world’s — has announced its partnership with Unibright, a blockchain company on July 15.

Hackathon Galore

Unibright LogoThe partnership was announced at the said gathering in Vilnius, Lithuania, but was already published on Unibright’s Medium account on July 13. This year’s Pillar Conference is the second edition, which is aimed at attracting more developers and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world.

As a gesture of Lufthansa’s affirmation of their partnership, it supported Unibright’s “Hackathon without a single line of code,” wherein it will award the best participants who would compete in the event. To win, they must be able to conceive of grand blockchain-based solutions which include the asset life cycles of planes and similar equipment, the airline’s voucher management, its seat and flight booking management systems for professionals and resellers, and its Miles&More and alliance and partner loyalty program.

More Than A Buzzword

Joerg Liebe, Lufthansa’s Chief Innovations Officer, said that prior to their move, they only saw blockchain technology as a mere buzzword.

Liebe said:

To really benefit from blockchain technology you need use cases where a distributed ledger brings a notable improvement to existing processes. Events like this hackathon are a great opportunity to really “get your feet wet” with blockchain for business.

Furthermore, he said that they like the “non-coding” approach of their partner, and that they are very much happy to back the event.

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