EOS Gets A New Pal In PayPal

EOS blockchain’s creator Block.one just found another investor to fund its cause, and it’s not just any random millionaire.


On July 16, Block.one announced that Peter Thiel, PayPal’s co-founder, has just become part of the notable investors who made its most recent funding round successful.

Not Just A Random Billionaire

Peter Thiel has been a notable figure for decades, as he co-founded PayPal in 1998. Also, he was one of the first outside investors in Facebook. As if those were not enough, he also co-founded the Founders Fund, a venture capital firm which astounded the world with its amassing of hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency in 2017.

Peter-Thiel-Block.oneThiel has been a long-time cryptocurrency believer; it must be understood that PayPal was one of the first to accept Bitcoin as a legitimate payment method. He believes in the possibility of Bitcoin to become a premier investment asset akin to gold.

Along with crypto giant Bitmain, Louis Bacon, and Alan Howard, Thiel now joins the illustrious sphere of investors backing Block.one. Currently, the raised fund’s amount remains undisclosed.

Tremendous Potential

Block.one was the platform which created the EOS blockchain, which currently enjoys the limelight —its token is the fifth in terms of market capitalization, and the blockchain boasts some unique features and functionalities.

The EOS mainnet was launched only in June, after about a year of intensive preparation. Even though it had faced its early blunders, but so far, EOS maintains a good standing among the rest.

Investing in the very creator of EOS is huge. As many others probably think, Block.one has already created a top-tier blockchain; why should it fail to create another one?

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