Didier Drogba: Football Legend Turned Crypto Ambassador

What would a former Ivory Coast striker do when he’s not playing professional football? For Didier Drogba, advocating for a cryptocurrency platform could count as one.


Didier Drogba has recently communicated to Russia Today about his involvement with all.me, a cryptocurrency platform which vows to apportion its advertising revenue with its patronizers.

“I Believe [In It] A Lot”

Didier DrogbaDrogba was wearing a shirt with the logo of all.me printed when he shared his sentiments on the recent platform that he’s investing his efforts into. He even said that all.me “is a project in which I believe a lot.”

All.me is a cryptocurrency platform that claims to have raised over $30 million already, and which will be conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) later this year. According to the platform’s site, the results even exceeded their expectations by 84.8 percent. The platform was founded by Artak Tovmasyan, an Armenian entrepreneur.

Tovmasyan explained to Russia Today:

“This is the first ever digital platform that combines a social network with a cryptocurrency bank and a trading floor. While before digital platforms took all advertising income for themselves, now we share up to half of it with the users —depending on how active they are.”

Is Crypto The Sweeter Goal?

Drogba, whose popularity soared when he became Chelsea’s striker, is not the only football star ever to have taken interest in cryptocurrencies.

Brazil’s Ronaldinho Gaucho has created his own coin, named Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC), and intends to create up to 300 virtual stadiums using blockchain technology, along with artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). Colombia James Rodriguez also launched his JR10 token this summer, which would help him nurture his relationship with his supporters.

And who can forget about Argentina’s Lionel Messi, who’s already beginning his exploration into blockchain technology?

It seems that these football legends, despite receiving international renown, are not satisfied with scoring a goal against their opponents on the world stage. Could it be that for them, there are other goals worth achieving? Could one of them be crypto perhaps?

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Image Source : Secondary (express.co.uk | Getty)

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