The US Is Still Number One For ICOs, Report Says

Cryptocurrency news outlets are buzzing with the news that the United States is still ranked as one of the top three countries most favorable to ICOs.

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In a recent report from analysts with the Crypto Finance Conference, research data showed that the US still ranks number one in the world for ICOs, the team revealed in a press release on July 14th.

Some Countries Score High For ICOs

USA Favorable ICOThe report shines the spotlight on the US as the most favorable nation to start an ICO up, with a total of 30 companies. In second place is Switzerland with 15 and third is Singapore with 11 ICO projects.

Also showing promise in the ICO arena were Russia with 6 projects, Estonia with 4, and the UK, also with 4 projects.

ICO volumes have skyrocketed this year, as ICO volumes in the first half of this year are already twice that of 2017.

While the US is the top spot for ICOs, the country continues its battle against illegal activities in the ICO world. The Texas State Securities Board (SSB) has already issued an emergency cease and desist order to a group of crypto-related firms accused of offering fraudulent crypto investments to state residents. and multiple states have done the same. The US Congress will hold a hearing on the 18th to talk about whether cryptocurrencies are the future of money.

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