Fiat Trading Has Arrived At Cobinhood

Cobinhood just scored today with the announcement of crypto to fiat trading which starts on July 20.

Zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange Cobinhood announced on July 12 that it will start supporting fiat trading with the US Dollar, beginning July 20.

Cobinhood Moves In On Fiat

Following regulatory approval, Cobinhood will now offer trading pairs against the US dollar later this month. The exchange will also work with Epay, an online payment platform, to allow exchange users to make fiat purchases.

Popo Chen
Popo Chen

Cobinhood’s founder and CEO Popo Chen is very excited about opening fiat trading on their exchange saying that “Traders know there are opportunities abound for value, so it’s a very synergistic time to debut fiat trading on the Cobinhood platform.”

A month ago, the firm announced the launch of the DEXON Foundation, created to support the DEXON blockchain, on which the foundation claims DApps can be built easier compared to previous decentralized networks. The exchange has also been named the ICO services partner of the DEXON Foundation. The arrival of fiat trading on the exchange allows many options on their platform in the future, including the DEXON coin.

The crypto exchange has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure compliance with rigorous Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements. Cobinhood meets Level 3 KYC Compliance, meaning they are authorized to operate in some of the strictest regulatory jurisdictions in the world.

Cobinhood has also revealed plans to move towards a decentralized exchange despite the recent attack on decentralized exchange Bancor.

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