For The First Time In History, Bitcoin Is Home

A Newark home worth $1.75 million was recently sold by a real estate broker for property giant, referring to it as “the first property within the first state to offer Bitcoin payment support.”


On January 14 this year, Michael Kelczewski confirmed that the property was listed and available for $1.75 million.

Home Sweet Home

The five-year-old house resided on a 4.2-acre plot in the city of Newark has lovely bedrooms, sun-drenched living areas, and a chef-ready kitchen. Added luxury appears in the form of a gleaming swimming pool, a wide wine cellar, and a theater room.

Comfortable home just waiting for its new owners to occupy the awesome space.

Fresh Start With Crypto

2nd - Michael Kelczewski
Michael Kelczewski

Kelczewski believes that disruptive technology like virtual currencies is the way of the future and that he expects to continuously secure it as he develops his business.

To support that claim, CryptoHome founder Kenny Hayslett went as far as stating the benefits of Bitcoin in real estate:

“The most mysterious thing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is why they aren’t used more. It is simply digital money, a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to safely and securely transfer assets.”

Recently, US-based venture capital firm has raised $1.8 billion to invest in companies, including those working in the cryptocurrency market.

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