Behold Akari Now Offers BCH-Powered Micro-Site Builder!

Akari Global Foundation launched a free bitcoin cash powered pages builder that allows users to build BCH fundraiser micro-sites.


On the 7th day of July this year, the group that intends to support bitcoin cash (BCH) adoption through its services declared the launch of a new service called Akari-Pages, a free self-hosted bitcoin cash fundraiser micro-site creator.

Micro-Sites For BCH-Fueled Fundraising

The pages are easy and quick to customize and it provides micro-funding using BCH, open-ended campaigns, goal levels, and progress percentages. Moreover, Akari highlights the service has zero fees, and the protocol is an open source.

Akari explains:

“We’ve made some enhancements to Akari-Pay too included in the bundle, now you can set all the details of your fundraising page, change the colors, add logos and banners, include links, add extra Imgur links, set goal-levels and set goal amounts, see live progress bars, set your bitcoin cash wallet receiving address.”

Meanwhile, a similar application called first built by Mike Hearn and has been revived by an anonymous developer who then ported it over from BTC to work with bitcoin cash. is a decentralized fundraising platform as well that uses simplified smart contracts, plus it is also free of charge.

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