Ready For The Next Renaissance? Google’s Sergey Brin Definitely Is

Missed the first Renaissance? Hold on, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin says we are now in a "technology renaissance."


Sergey Brin, the 44-year-old pioneer of Google and current president of Alphabet Inc., made interesting statements lately which undoubtedly reflect his fascination on cryptocurrencies, even declaring that we are now in a “technology renaissance.”

A Most Welcome Addition

Brin had jumped ship very late; he revealed only in the Blockchain Summit at Sir Richard Branson’s Island that he and his son are mining Ethereum, and that he is mind-blogged by Zcash’s zero-knowledge proofs, which is similar to Ethereum’s.

He was a last-minute addition to the summit. Nevertheless, he is one of the most welcome additions to the crypto world, considering his stellar legacy and his undisputed credibility. His message didn’t disappoint the crowd either.

Brin remarked:

“Every month, there are stunning new applications and transformative new techniques […] We are truly in a technology renaissance, an exciting time where we can see applications across nearly every segment of modern society”

Technological Renaissance

The Renaissance was, and still is, one of the most notable periods in human history, which spanned from the 1400s until the 1700s. Even now, most of the period’s geniuses are held in high esteem and are highly prized. Brin likening the existence of cryptocurrencies to the famed period should be taken seriously. If anything, Brin is suggesting that a new era is dawning — a period, a rebirth — wherein things will be shaken to the core, and the new will definitely replace the old.

We should count ourselves most fortunate to witness the coming of this era.

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