Oasis Labs Exclaims, “Amazon Here We Come!”

A blockchain startup from the University of California at Berkeley steps up for the first time with $45 million challenging Amazon Web Services.


Oasis Labs, led by Dawn Song – the professor of computer science at UC Berkeley – raised $45 million in a private token pre-sale A16z to develop a blockchain platform intended to build a “privacy-first” cloud computing platform based on blockchain technology.

This became A16z’s first investment since closing off its $300 million raise last month. On the other hand, the core features are still undergoing development but will be out in the open as soon as it is built to perfection.

It’s the startup‘s own blockchain that is getting all the investors’ attention. According to Song, its architecture permits transactions to be verifiable without much duplication while giving away the same amount of integrity and security guarantees.

So Amazon, beware for the new platform will unite secure software and hardware to allow privacy-preserving smart contracts.

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