Crypto and Fiat, Two Worlds Unite

Berlin-based Banking-as-a-Platform (BaaP) service provider solarisBank will be launching a new platform “SolarisBank Blockchain Factory,” to unify crypto and fiat.


The ‘Blockchain Factory’ will embrace the crypto community as well as further its range of services for cryptocurrency-linked companies.

The Benefits

The new offering will allow crypto and blockchain-related operators to experience creating their own retail banking while giving away financial management services to digital asset operators and secure every customers’ cryptocurrency transactions.

The CTO and lead of SolarisBank Blockchain Factory Peter Grosskopf said the next possible step will be to unite digital banking and debit cards solution with crypto exchanges and wallets as a way of closing the distance between the two worlds.

“…we see the openness of blockchain as a strength. We see open, decentralized blockchain as creating opportunities for all when it comes to innovation in banking.”

The Bright Future

In addition, the company began its partnership with yet another firm VPE Bank and they have plans to offer cryptocurrencies to institutional traders. Furthermore, the firm will build connections with cryptocurrency companies that deal with banking and debit cards within their business model.

As a matter of fact, German Federal Government representatives recently declared cryptocurrencies is not a threat to financial stability.

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