Blockchain Vote Fires Away! Gun Violence No More

Ethereum’s blockchain technology to be used in the movement concerning gun control prevention for a more secure and accurate result.


On July 9th, MiVote teamed up with Orange Generation to declare a national blockchain vote on gun policy during the Houston for Change rally. United Nations (UN) will also fire its way into the force to assure that the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved.

MiVote is an Australian information platform that offers the user different perspectives on all major issues up for debate with the use of the MiVote App.

On the other hand, Orange Generation is a group formed to reduce gun violence and introduces gun legislation.

Gun voting will take place in October and voters willing to share their blazing opinion about this issue will have to use the MiVote USA website.

Horizon State is a technology company that has joined forces with MiVote to secure that the platform is safe and functioning.

Recently, the new Vyper programming language for Ethereum was released out in the open and has been getting praised reviews and comments.

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