Ethereum’s New Programming Language To Make Ethereum More Secure

The new Vyper programming language for Ethereum has been set loose and has been getting rave reviews and comments.


Ethereum recently saw the launch of a new programming language for their blockchain. Called Vyper, the language is an upgraded form of the discarded Serpent and offers developers an alternative to Solidity. Some early users have called Vyper an improvement over Solidity.

Vyper Beta Is Ready To Go

Similar to Solidity, Vyper also compiles down to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) bytecode. Vyper has decided to simplify the process and aims to create easier to understand smart contracts with fewer points of attack and greater transparency.

Any code that targets the EVM has to be extremely efficient to be able to execute smart contracts effectively. Inefficient code becomes too expensive in specific use cases such as micro-transactions. In this regard, Vyper looks much like Solidity when t comes to logic and more like Python when looking at syntax.

The current beta version of Vyper has three improvements over previous languages. In a review from Blockgeeks, it is pointed out that many constructs familiar to programmers have been removed or left out. Vyper has removed class inheritance, function overloading, operator overloading, and recursion since none of these are needed to create a Turing-complete language.

Vyper also removed some less common constructs: modifiers, inline assembly and binary fixed point are now gone as well in Vyper.

Vyper Takes Aim At Simplicity And Security

The first two improvements are focused on simplifying things. The next improvement is on making it more complicated where it counts: Security.

As Vyper’s developers said:

“…will deliberately forbid things or make things harder if it deems fit to do so for the goal of increasing security.”

Vyper was designed to be as similar to Python as possible but is not yet a ready replacement for either Python or Solidity. It is instead a programming language to be used when the highest level of security is needed.

Many have started experimenting and playing around with the language and so far, reactions have been positive, with many taking to Reddit to spread a good word about Vyper. While some users question why a new language to create a smart contract is needed, others agree that many security issues need addressing. A Redditor sported similar sentiments, stating that he was glad Ethereum is supporting a smaller language focused on readability and security.

Vyper was not created to be a replacement for Solidity, but to work side by side with it, since they share the same bytecode to boost security. Recent studies claim to have found more than 3,000 vulnerable contracts that contain serious security flaws. Vyper is poised to take a bite out of these security issues and play a pivotal role in the future of Ethereum’s blockchain.

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