Blockchain Giants To Open Up In Seoul Conference

All eyes are on Seoul, South Korea this 21st and 22nd of July as the city hosts the Blockchain Partners Summit.

Blockchain Partner Summit

Blockchain Partners Summit, a conference that aims to foster the sharing of insights on trends and information about the world of blockchain will be held in Seoul on July 21-22.

The inaugural conference is sponsored by Chinese blockchain media firm Babi Financial and by South Korean blockchain company Chaineer. The summit’s slogan is “A New Paradigm, A New Future.”

The summit features some of the biggest names in the global blockchain community. Attendees include such luminaries like Binance CEO and Founder Changpeng Zhao,’s Roger Ver, Da Hong Vei, CEO of NEO, QTUM’s Patrick Dai and the CEO of ProximaX, Lon Wong.

The event’s organizers say the two-day event will feature talks on the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for both blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Day One will see global leaders of prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency firms share their viewpoints on blockchain technology and how the emerging tech can be employed by both the public and private sectors. They will also reveal experiences in dealing with regulation.

Day Two shifts the focus to marketing and promotion for ICO’s and how to survive and thrive in the blockchain market.

The summit provides critical opportunities for networking in the industry as it will also feature showcase sessions to help promote participating companies that are seeking investors.

The first-ever Blockchain Partners Summit will be held at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. Give them a look at for more information.

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