UK Housing Minister Calls On Government To Use Blockchain

On July 4, Eddie Hughes, the UK housing minister, called on the government in a report concerning the display of leadership by making the technology and its benefits a priority.


‘Unlocking Blockchain,’ the mentioned report, makes a lot of key proposals, using state projects currently going on in Estonia as the standard authorities should follow at home.

Hughes sums it all up:

“The state should focus its attention on using blockchain to enable social freedom, to increase efficiency, and to rebuild societal trust.”

The interest of the lawmakers remains unknown as to what degree they are willing to make use of decentralized technology, although they claimed to be looking into blockchain’s potential.

Hughes went on to suggest a durable cost-saving exercise with the use of blockchain across government departments, with a purpose of peeling off one percent at around £8 billion ($10.56 billion).

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) was also mentioned in the report, saying that it should be expanded to add other key new technologies, such as AI, as and when they converge.

The report also recommended that the country should have a ‘Chief Blockchain Officer,’ to coordinate proceedings.

(Image Source: Construction Manager Magazine)

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