Switzerland Accomplishes First Local Blockchain-Based Test Vote

Switzerland Blockchain Vote

Announced on Monday that Switzerland’s first local blockchain-based test vote was successful.

On June 11, Zug – a city in Switzerland also known as the “Crypto Valley” – launched an e-voting pilot platform created on blockchain technology as part of the city’s attempts to adopt the technology.

The voting process happened between June 25 and July 1, and both polling information and residents’ IDs were filed on the system. The voters were able to vote through their smartphones by downloading the already existing app to register.

The head of communications for the city of Zug, Dieter Müller, declared that “the premiere was a success.”

After the positive outcomes, he went on to say that the technical details of the test will be evaluated over the coming months.

On June 25, a press release from the city government went out noting that the aim of building this blockchain-based platform was to make the voting process safer and less vulnerable to unseen manipulation. In addition, the focus of the vote’s evaluation will be the promise of privacy, voting confidentiality, as well as the guarantee that the voting results can be verifiable, unchangeable and comprehensible.

A software company based in Zug Luxoft built the e-voting system in cooperation with the city and the department of computer science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

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