Russian Tech Company Creates Gaming PC Which Can Mine Crypto


Itching to mine cryptocurrencies but worried that it will affect your game’s quality? Russian company Crypto Technology says why not do both?

CashBox X-Gaming

The Russian crypto company has recently released a PC which can be used for both gaming and crypto mining. Appropriately named CashBox X-Gaming, the hybrid computer has just been available for purchase in Russia last week. The computer is also conducive to tasks that involve heavy graphics and videos.

The current model has two Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti GPUs, one DDR4 RAM ranging from 16 to 32GB, and three 120mm fans. Also, the unit has an advanced sound system. Interested buyers can choose between Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. It also has an 850-watt power supply.

In terms of crypto mining, the unit can produce about 106 MH/s, but experts remarked that it can go as high as 181 MH/s if upgraded.

According to the computer’s manufacturer’s site, each unit of CashBox X-Gaming costs 139,000 Russian rubles (about $2,200) and has a guaranteed warranty for up to three years. Also, the manufacturer will provide free training for those customers who would like to know how to mine cryptocurrencies.

Russia a Crypto Mining Frontrunner

The manufacturer also offers other models which are more dedicated to crypto mining, like the CashBox X6, which the manufacturer considers its flagship model in the CashBox series, as well as the CashBox X13, which is “the model for professional mining cryptocurrency” with its 13 graphics processors.

Crypto Technology created the CashBox series with the goal to help fellow Russians in crypto mining. Before, the activity did not require so powerful a rig to mine cryptos. Now, it requires topnotch rigs which have six or eight GPUs for it to be able to mine with efficiency.

Anton Sobin, Crypto Technology’s CEO, commented:

“We are focused on developing the mining sector in Russia, and therefore we try to make the equipment available to everyone. The gaming model will allow users who are not ready for serious investments to try mining and understand the specifics of this exciting and profitable crypto sphere.”

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