Declares 3% Discount For Purchases In BTC Or BCH


A curated luxury goods marketplace showcasing over 250,000 products left Coinbase for BitPay and now offers Bitcoin Cash as a payment option.

Fancy presents top of the line products for its customers from a $22,000 Hermès bags to a $12,500 Aquaglide Arena 30 Inflatable Volleyball Court. has declared that anyone who pays with BTC or BCH can just encode the discount code “crypto,” then their price will be deducted by 3%. The company went on to explain that at an average of $1,000 per Fancy order, crypto customers attain to save $30 on each of their orders.

Joe Einhorn, the CEO of Fancy, stated that:

“When you read about their hope for Bitcoin Cash, it sounds pretty similar our hopes and other people’s hopes about frictionless commerce and a world empowering not only consumers but vendors to conduct transactions in the most efficient way possible. On the surface, we think there’s an alignment philosophically with Bitcoin Cash.”

The switch came after Coinbase terminated the Coinbase Merchant Tools – wherein Fancy first accepted crypto payments back in 2013 – in favor of the newer Coinbase Commerce service and suspended custodial solutions for merchant, which directed to making crypto payments complicated.

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