Chinese Court Recognizes Evidence On Blockchain In Landmark Case

Chinese Courtroom

A Chinese court has ruled that information from a blockchain is admissible as evidence in legal proceedings. Legal experts are saying the ruling has major implications.

Court Says New Tech Should Not Get Unfair Treatment

Katherine Wu, the head of business development from Messari translated a ruling from Hangzhou ‘s Internet Court. She confirmed a defendant used evidence from a blockchain to prove his innocence.

The court ruled that an open and neutral attitude must be taken when the issue involves blockchain technology.

The ruling is a major vote of confidence for blockchain technology in China, where government authorities have struggled to define their position on the technology.

The case in Hangzhou involved copyright theft. The defendant introduced evidence from both the Bitcoin and FACTOM blockchains to attempt to demonstrate no theft could have happened.

Wu also says aside from the legal implications the ruling has, this also shows a shift in perspective towards new technologies. Quoting the court ruling:

“We should not reject or impose higher standards simply because it involves new technology.”

China and Blockchain

The Chinese government previously issued ratings on several international blockchain projects, as well as many cryptocurrencies as well. The central government made the effort as part of their policy on blockchain.

The ratings elicited some controversy, as Bitcoin failed to crack the top ten in the review, with Ethereum and EOS taking the top spot.

Government regulators have also confirmed they will issue blockchain standards by the end of 2019.

While the ruling provides a little hope, there is still little chance the Chinese government will reverse their stance and repeal their ban on cryptocurrency trading and ICOs.

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