Blockchain Tech Is New Frontier For Russian Military

Russian Blockchain Lab

Russian News outlet Izvestia reveals in their report that the Russian Ministry of Defense is starting up a blockchain research lab. The lab will work on applications for blockchain in the world of cybersecurity and how the technology can be used to mitigate attacks.

The Russian military technological research city ERA will host the new blockchain research lab. The lab aims to determine how blockchain technology can be used to identify cyber attacks and protect military infrastructure from attacks.

Izvestia reports that while the lab is still under development, research has already started, with the team exploring possible applications for blockchain on the cybersecurity front.

Military security is one of ERA’s priorities and the development of an efficient way to prevent and detect attacks on military assets.

In an interview, Alexei Malanov, a cybersecurity expert with Kaspersky Lab, noted that blockchain-based systems can make it harder to hide cyber attacks.

Online attackers usually clean up access logs, hiding traces of their unauthorized access. Using a distributed ledger minimizes the risk of this.

German Klimenko, a former advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, commented on the launch:

“Viruses change the software or data code and try to disguise this fact from data integrity controllers. Blockchain, by its nature, can be a repository of the reference code and provide independent verification and validity of the data. In my opinion, the Ministry of Defense in many IT issues today is the driver of research, and this is useful for the entire industry.”

ERA, which is located in the Russian coastal city of Anapa, will host the lab. The lab will fall under the jurisdiction of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation’s Eighth Directorate, which also focuses on cybersecurity.

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