Amazon Now Accepting Digibyte For Gift Card Payments

Digibyte Crypto

Online shopping website Amazon and Digibyte have partnered up, with the shopping giant starting to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for their gift cards.

Cryptocurrency project Digibyte has recently been on an uptick in the market. The crypto has received attention from several firms and has started being adopted by some.

Most recently, Amazon started allowing payments for gift cards in Digibyte’s token, DGB. This adoption raises hopes that Amazon may begin more widespread adoption not only of DGB but other coins as well as payment methods.

Digibyte claims it is one of the most secure cryptos currently available, saying their blockchain is immune to the type of attacks suffered by Verge and Bitcoin Gold.

The altcoin also boasts fast transaction times, claiming to be up to 40 times faster than Bitcoin.

Digibyte puts stock in forward-thinking, having implemented SegWit, Multi Algo mining, and DigiShield on their chain.

DGB is currently ranked 45th in Coinmarketcap. The altcoin trades at $0.28 as of press time, up by 12 percent. DGB has a market cap of over $297 million.

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