Spain’s Partido Popular Proposes Blockchain For Administration’s Efficiency


The Partido Popular, Spain’s very own ruling party, has submitted a proposal for utilizing technology for speeding up processes in the country’s very own public administration.

Entitled “Non-Legislative Proposition on the Introduction of Blockchain Technology in the Public Administration in Spain,” the bill was submitted on June 22, was published on the official website of the country’s legislative branch on the 26th, and was reported first by Criptonocias on June 30, one day before the month ended.

133’s Initiative

The said bill was proposed by 133 deputies from the said party, all of which concurred that it is indeed high time for the country to embrace blockchain technology as part of the country’s initiative to become one of the most conducive places in the world for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain firms.

This just conveys how serious the Spanish government is in creating another ‘haven’ for blockchain giants and startups in Europe. Earlier, Spanish lawmaker Teodoro Garcia Egea revealed that he was preparing a bill which would bring blockchain companies to Spanish soil. This, Egea maintained, would greatly help the country in its different sectors.

Not the First Time

However, this is not the first time that a legislative party submitted a bill dedicated to the said technology. In March 2018, Ciudadanos proposed through a bill clarifying which information should be provided by “financial intermediaries” to the Spanish Tax Agency. This sought to help Spanish crypto enthusiasts who would otherwise be sanctioned with unreasonable tax due to cryptocurrency trading. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) chimed in as well, contributing its proposal to the deliberation, albeit from the Spanish senate.

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