New Coinbase Pro Replaces Trading Platform GDAX


One of the most important companies in the cryptocurrency world Coinbase declared that its trading platform GDAX will now be operating as Coinbase Pro. The company launched this new product on May 24 in order to replace GDAX.

GDAX which was released three years ago has been improved by its replacement Coinbase Pro referred to as the next generation trading platform. The aim of the service is to allow people to trade cryptocurrencies in a user-friendly platform.

On June 29, the transition to Coinbase Pro will begin and GDAX will no longer exist after this date. All the trading history, assets, and information from GDAX will now perform in Coinbase Pro.

According to a tweet from @CoinbasePro:

“On Friday, June 29, we say goodbye to @GDAX and hello to Coinbase Pro.”

GDAX’s API will proceed to operate continuously till December 31st of this year and the company proposes to sway from to

Coinbase Pro is already available for interested users and the company is urging them to try the platform and enjoy the different features that Coinbase is offering.

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