Fernando Alonso To Use Blockchain For Image Copyrights

Fernando Alonso KodakOne

WENN Digital Inc. has recently found a notable personality who’d use its KODAKCoin’s features to protect his image copyrights, and he’s no other than the two-time Formula One champion Fernando Alonso himself.

Alonso was reported to have signed an agreement with WENN Digital on June 28, signifying a KODAKCoin patronization from the famous F1 racer. Through the agreement, WENN Digital will provide Alonso “an opportunity to Alonso’s global fanbase to access the to-be-launched KODAKOne Platform — enabling them to not only upload, register and protect their own photos and videos of their favorite F1 driver, but be rewarded for doing so in certain instances,” the press release from KODAKOne read.

Blockchain for Sports

Included in the partnership is the exclusive rights of KODAKOne to become the sole “image registration, protection and license-monitoring solution for certain images and videos of Alonso,” which definitely include both those that are currently archived, as well as those that will be produced in the future.

This is the vision of WENN Digital in partnering with Kodak for developing KODAKOne, a blockchain-powered platform wherein people could store their photos and earn the copyright. Also, the platform will be compensating those who could produce topnotch work through KODAKCoin.

In June, WENN Digital signed an agreement with Oak View Group, which would cooperate in documenting premier sports events at venues that are under Oak View, including the AT&T Center, the turf of the San Antonio Spurs.

Mutual Feeling

Alonso is indeed a stellar partner on KODAKOne’s end. As Jan Denecke, WENN Digital’s CEO exclaimed, “Fernando is a world-renowned athlete, and his trust in our platform further validates what we stand for. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with as we roll out our KODAKOne Platform.”

The feeling is mutual, as Alonso also said:

“I’m very excited to know that I have the ability to reward my fans and professional photographers for their creativity, and that the content they produce can be protected by a single platform.”

(Image Source: Fernando Alonso)

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