Enigma’s ‘Secret Contracts’ Enters Testing


Private contracts officially entered testing.

Startup Enigma made a huge step in launching its own technology, which is formed at the MIT Media Lab. The said project is based on a white paper published in 2015.

As per the announcement, it suggests that the technology will be of great use, in which it is a form of modified smart contracts created to obscure the origin of a transaction and will also allow a blockchain to compute contracts without decrypting them.

Hints that others are starting to take an interest in the technology keep showing up, although project leaders were prompt of warning expectations. They stated:

“We acknowledge that development of these types of innovative technologies is non-linear and an ongoing, iterative process. We’re not simply forking an existing platform – we’re building something completely new and essential, something that will take (and has taken) many people and many days and nights to build.”

Recently, Intel started cooperating with blockchain startup Enigma to develop its platform more, as well as to help secure its privacy-enhancing smart contracts.

After the testnet launch, Enigma intends to prepare for a mainnet launch within the next three months.

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