Bithumb’s Fund Lost Recovered From $31 Million To $17 Million


“The main reason for the reduction is the ongoing participation, support, and cooperation of cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrencies foundations across the world… At this moment we will continue our recovery process as well as a preventative measure until this incident is fully concluded.”

After one of South Korea’s largest digital currency exchanges Bithumb lost $31 million in several cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, on June 28, they declared that they recovered nearly half of the stolen funds.

On June 19, Bithumb momentarily halted withdrawal and deposit services due to a 35 billion KRW ($31 million USD) hack on its exchange.

Following that report, support from fellow coin exchanges in the aftermath of the attack boomed and now approximately 16 billion KRW ($14 million USD) has been recovered.

All the help and support Bithumb received halved the total lost fund from $31.5m to $17 million. As per those affected by the hack, they were promised to receive a full reimbursement of any losses they may have experienced.

However, Bithumb is still pausing withdrawal activity and are still giving out precaution to the users to avoid from deposit attempts until security systems are improved in order to stop further password leakage.

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