Messaging App Declares Release Of ‘Crypto-Economy’


On Wednesday, messaging app Kik’s company declared that users can now earn and spend the cryptocurrency kin with the release of its “crypto-economy.”

Only a limited number of users, according to Kik, will be able to earn kin tokens – which can be used to buy premium themes for the Kik app – in the Kin Marketplace Beta by answering polls, taking quizzes and working on tutorials.

The company also announced that Kik would be offering free customization tools, including themes, for the app as an acknowledgment to user feedback.

Laura Newton, the product manager, stated in a release that Kik aspired to establish Kin in the products that people already use regularly. As such, custom options for its app appeared to be a perfect choice given the demand.

As she has said:

“Real consumer use of cryptocurrency doesn’t exist today, because the technology has yet to be adapted in daily life. We’ve built Kin into products that Kik users already use and have layered this experience in a simple and seamless way. Kin will continue to be a pillar of Kik’s product strategy, and we will deepen the functionality of Kin in Kik, providing other partners with a clear example of how to launch their own Kin economy in their apps.”

The company said that the Kin Foundation would be able to provide zero-fee transactions by using its own unique network. The move transpired on the succeeding months after Kin declared it would be running on both the ethereum network and the stellar network.

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