Pornhub Reveals Plans to Accept Tron And ZenCash

Adult Site Accepts Crypto

It looks like Pornhub isn’t looking to go exclusive with Verge.

Canadian mega porn website recently revealed plans to add both Tron (TRX) and ZenCash (ZEN) as payment options on its platform. All three cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for the website’s premium video streaming service and advertising network.

In an interview with Variety, Pornhub’s VP Corey Price says that “Decentralized payment systems have continued to grow in popularity, and cryptocurrency adoption is exploding across a broad economic spectrum.” The executive added that cryptocurrencies are vital to the entertainment industry due to the guarantee of privacy and anonymity that cryptocurrencies provide over traditional fiat currencies.

Pornhub is yet to reveal when TRX and XEN will become available as a payment option on the website, but most expect TRX to debut first.

Pornhub is the 30th biggest website in the world and the 14th largest in the US, with a major media presence worldwide.

Tron was recently in the limelight as its founder, entrepreneur Justin Sun, successfully acquired BitTorrent. TRX is currently one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the market, with a market capitalization of over $2 Billion and trading at $0.03 as of press time.

Meanwhile, ZenCash, a hard fork of Zcash, currently trades at $16.22 with a market capitalization of $67 Billion as of press time, based on data from CoinMarketCap.

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