KryptoPal Cooperates With Swiss NGO For Crypto Donations

cryptocurrency donations

According to a press release, KryptoPal – a crypto software development program – will cooperate with Swiss NGO help2kids to provide software for accepting cryptocurrency donations.

750 kids in the help2kids network in Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam will be provided food, healthcare, and education in both Malawi and Tanzania.

KryptoPal will establish a public key and go through Know Your Customer KYC guidelines as well as background checks for each help2kids project. Funds will be traceable and donors can track their donations until the actual usage of the funds on the site in Africa, this is possible with the help of the year-long pilot program for crypto donations with help2kids.

The president and founder of help2kids Frank Hakenjos mentioned that accepting crypto donations could allow them to:

“[Reduce] our overhead costs by 10 percent, which allows us to send 90 percent of our donations to the children in need.”

Crypto donations are open for a variety of charities all around the globe. Website visitors of UNICEF Australia were offered to mine crypto as a donation with their computer’s processing power. On the other hand, the Pineapple Fund – a Bitcoin (BTC) only charity – declared that it had completed giving away its fund of 5,104 BTC to various charities.

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