6000% Increase In Blockchain Job Demands, Upwork Says


In the first months of 2018, a ridiculous 6,000% increase in demand for blockchain jobs has been noted by Upwork, according to the site’s Skills Index. This goes to show that blockchain giants are on the lookout for more fresh talents to become invaluable additions to their already-grown companies.

Blockchain Top Fastest Growing Skill

According to Upwork, a renowned freelancing site, blockchain “appears to be the next uncharted, highly talked-about technology,” and that major companies like IBM and Samsung have already begun leveraging it in innovative ways.

Here are the top ten fastest-growing skills according to Upwork:

  1. Blockchain
  2. Tensorflow
  3. Amazon DynamoDB
  4. Voice over
  5. Subtitling
  6. Art direction
  7. Content strategy
  8. Computer vision
  9. Microsoft Power BI
  10. Augmented Reality

For other similar platforms such as AngelList, it has been noticed that renowned companies like Ripple, Kraken, Korbit, Gem, and Pulse, are offering full-time blockchain jobs all around the world.

Government Initiatives

Interestingly, government initiatives are also looking for blockchain experts who could become part of their respective teams in research and developments, all just to remain ahead of the trend.

For instance, the NYC Blockchain Resource Center has recently been funded with a staggering amount of $200 mln for building public awareness and support for entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as for educators, mentors and advisory services using blockchain.

Similarly, different countries around the world are seemingly contesting each other, as if participating in a digital Cold War: Canada, Ireland, Estonia, Malta, the UK, Japan, etc.

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