Sensitive Crypto Users’ Info Leaked, $620,000 In Danger

Cryptocurrency leaked

User information which can jeopardize up to $620,000 worth of cryptocurrency has leaked from a new South Korean crypto exchange.

An employee of the recently launched cryptocurrency exchange, Bitkoex, published specific information on Karma (KRM) cryptocurrency assets currently owned by 19 of its platform users, according to CoinDesk Korea.

The compromised information, according to the report, included:

• User’s email addresses

• User’s wallet address

• User’s private keys

The above information will grant anyone access to the 750 million won ($620,000) worth of KRM assets in those users’ accounts, the report stated.

Bitkoex declared that the company has secured the unprotected assets to a cold wallet after the employee accidentally posted online the sensitive information. Likewise, they have also assured the public that none of those assets has been stolen due to the leak.

It is notable that Korean exchanges were plagued with security issues.

Just recently, the huge Korean exchange, Bithumb, lost approximately 35 billion won ($32 million) to cyber thieves.

It was also observed that 21 cryptocurrency exchanges in the country were examined by the Ministry of Science and ICT and most were discovered to have information security loopholes.

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