Walmart Uses A System That Stores Medical Records On Blockchain


According to a patent filing published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Walmart – known as U.S. retail giant – was granted a patent for a system that could save medical records on a blockchain from a wearable device.

According to given information, the system will enable medical professionals to recover medical data from a patient that is unable to communicate. Apparently, the medical records of the patient will be stored on a blockchain and are accessible by a device carried by the patient that first responders could access with an RFID scanner. Additional explanations from the patent regarding the system’s operation:

“… receiving, by a processor of a computing system, an encrypted private key and a public key associated with the patient stored on a wearable device of the patient, in response to a scanning of the wearable device of the patient at a scene of an emergency, wherein the encrypted private key is decrypted by a biometric signature of the patient; obtaining, by the processor, the biometric signature of the patient by scanning a bodily feature of the patient; decrypting, by the processor, the encrypted private key using the biometric signature of the patient to determine a private key associated with the patient; and accessing, by the processor, the medical records of the patient, using a combination of the public key and the private key associated with the patient, to access a local storage medium of the wearable device.”

Walmart is also reportedly considering to buy health insurer Humana, a company with which the retailer has a stable relationship. If ever the new blockchain medical record system is proven to be viable, a partnership with Humana would give an indispensable data depository.

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