Interest For Crypto Rising Among Young Millionaires, Wealth Report Says


Capgemini recently revealed its findings through the World Wealth Report 2018 that cryptocurrencies had indeed gained palpable global attention recently, especially with young millionaires who are considering to invest in cryptos.

The 22nd edition of the said report was released on June 19, with conclusions that a staggering 29 percent of millionaires who were interviewed expressed their heightened interest on cryptos, as well as another 27 percent showing general interest.

Furthermore, a good 70 percent of respondents who belonged to ages 40 and below stressed the importance for their asset managers to provide them with adequate cryptocurrency information, compared to those who belonged to ages 60 up who expressed only 13 percent interest in cryptos.

Capgemini, the consulting firm that published the report, interviewed High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) as well as asset managers coming from 71 countries, and found out that 2017 was the second-fastest year of the HNWS’ growth since 2011, posting a 10.6 percent growth in their wealth.

Another significant finding that surfaced throughout the report is that HNWIs see the need for wealth management firms to accelerate in their hybrid transformation and in the transformation of budget approaches to tackle crucial hybrid demands from HNWIs and potential BigTech entry.

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