Cheetah Mobile Releases New App To Help Crypto Investors Monitor Portfolios

Cheetah Mobile Crypto App

An announcement on Thursday declared that a Beijing-based app developer, Cheetah Mobile, will be releasing an app intended to make it manageable for investors to monitor their cryptocurrency portfolios.

The mobile app, Dubbed Coin Master, is available for both iOS and Android. The purpose of the app is to keep track of the real-time prices of cryptos on over 100 exchanges and automatically determine overall losses or profits after users update their trading histories.

By manually entering their transaction information, including both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions, investors can simply update their portfolios by manually entering their transaction information. Or they can link the app with the wallets or exchanges on which they save the assets.

According to Edward Sun, Cheetah Mobile’s senior vice president, the newly released app also allows crypto investors to access and check the status of their assets conveniently.

Kingsoft Security in 2010 rebranded Cheetah Mobile. It is one of the oldest and largest software companies in China. On this note, the firm’s vice chairman is Lei Jun, the well-known Chinese entrepreneur who founded electronics manufacturer Xiaomi.

The app release went out following the Cheetah Mobile’s entry into the crypto space in January, launching a wallet app for Android and iOS devices.

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