A Man Claiming To Be The Real Satoshi Files Bitcoin Cash Trademarks


The United States Patent and Trademark Office now has two trademarks regarding Bitcoin. The first one is for “Bitcoin” patented by a UK company, while the other one is for “Bitcoin Cash” which was filed by Kua Maria a.k.a “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

It is especially troubling given that the real Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of cryptocurrency.

Ronald Keala Kua Maria, with his questionable background, filed the patent last month. In 2001, he and his mother were involved in a second-degree theft concerning cargo containers, they also allegedly stole millions of dollars through scams on the residents of Hawaii.

The patent’s trademark copyright notice states,

“I Ronald Keala Kua Maria also known as Satoshi Nakamoto inventor of bitcoin and blockchain technology hereby affirm that all my copyrights including an equity-based electronic reserve currency peer to peer electronic cash system.”

Kua Maria has taken other steps associated with the patent filing and Bitcoin, which include claiming ownership of various BCH related websites and domains.

Apparently, Kua Maria is behaving with an end goal in mind, which may be to make a basic income plan of $800 USD per month. As Kua Maria has said, organizations and individuals can reach out to him for a free license and copy of the notice.

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