Origin Protocol To Proceed With ICO Through CoinList

origin protocol coinlist

Crypto startup Origin Protocol has announced yesterday, June 18, of its plan to raise $6.6 mln through a compliant token sale.

The upcoming ICO will be issued through CoinList Capital, an investment advisor registered under the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). CoinList seems to be favored by Origin Protocol, as the advisor will be a big help for Origin to grow its network.

Josh Fraser, Origin’s co-founder, expressed his sentiment:

“There [are] so many scammy projects out there, so anything you can do to set yourself apart is [great]… We’re really excited for a chance to work with CoinList and to be able to be the recipient of a very anticipated sale.”

Prior to what he said, Fraser admitted that they would like to have “as many people to participate as possible.” However, the platform will be selective, as only accredited investors would be able to participate in the ICO sale. And “while not everyone can participate yet, it goes a long way to[ward] allowing more people to participate,” explained Fraser (emphasis mine).

The funds will be appropriated for the further development of the blockchain, even though they are not in dire need of additional funds. As explained by Fraser, the chief reason for the token sale is the opportunity to expand its influence through CoinList. “We’re going to continue building as we said we’re going to do,” said Fraser.

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