FPF Taking Crypto Donations, Mainframe Chipped In 1000 ETH

Freedom of the Press Foundation

The non-profit organization Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) has made an announcement that supporters can now make contributions with cryptocurrencies.

The organization takes care of journalists blowing the whistle on governments. In their website, FPF stated that contributions will go towards projects upholding freedom of the press, specifically SecureDrop, their “open source whistleblower submission platform“.

According to FPF, they have available digital wallets which receive bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, and zcash, albeit looking to eventually employ a donation-processing facility that automatically converts crypto into fiat.

According to executive director Trevor Timm, the use of cryptocurrencies to donate to FPF is very appropriate because of its potential to thwart online censorship and possible surveillance from some entities. He expressed confidence in the capabilities of decentralized cryptocurrencies to circumvent pressure exerted by some groups monopolizing the payment processing industry.

Timm stated to CoinDesk:

“If cryptocurrencies can lead to more awareness about anti-censorship, and also make it easier for potential supporters to support non-profits like Freedom of the Press Foundation, then I hope many other similar organizations follow suit in the coming months and years.”

The FPF official observed that the journalists of today are dangerously exposed to great risks — surveillance, arrest, or worse, and it is imperative for them to have all the alternatives available to protect themselves.

In support of FPF’s move, Mainframe, a blockchain network builder, has made a fat donation of 1,000 ETH, around $498,000 at press time.

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