Nvidia Releases Prototype For AI-Blockchain Marketing Platform


Nvidia has recently partnered with Ubex to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology for its upcoming smart online marketing platform for the Inception Program.

The partnership began earlier this month, as Abhinav Agrawal, a spokesman of the Inception Project, revealed. Ubex aimed to use the technology to aid a neural network in efficiently presenting advertisements on different websites. Nvidia, on the other hand, wanted to use blockchain to boost its service, with information stored in a distributed ledger system, thereby helping the network in targeting ads at the respective customers.

Apparently, the merger has already released a prototype which is currently being tested.

Artem Chestnov, Ubex’ co-founder and CEO, said that the startup’s key goal is ‘transparency’ as well as ‘speed of transactions’. He elaborated:

“Any AI needs datasets to work more effectively and to learn. Training an AI requires a lot of effort. The blockchain base will allow us to attract thousands of sources of information that will be used to enrich our AI’s database and make it faster, smarter, stronger, and more efficient.”

Nvidia’s Inception Program included Ubex in the incubation stage for the startup’s chief interest, which “is their use of deep learning [and] neural networks for better online advertising algorithms,” explained Arjun Dutt, the program’s head.

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