Montana County’s Bitcoin Mining Suspension Indefinite

Indefinite Mining Ban

In the U.S. state of Montana, a county won’t make a definite decision whether it should stop new and expanded bitcoin mining initiatives until at least August.

On Thursday, the Missoula County Commission conducted a public hearing intending to decide on a proposed one-year suspension of new mining initiatives but delayed the ruling as it was determined by the Missoulian that more knowledge is needed to address relevant concerns.

Though some people expressed concerns about the noise generated by bitcoin mining may undermine local property values and that unnecessary energy consumption could create hikes in electricity rates. On the other hand, supporters of bitcoin mining farms argued that such operations created jobs for local residents.

County commissioners, Jean Curtiss and Cola Rowley, later on, remarked that more education and outreach would be required before issuing the moratorium, as the committee still doesn’t fully understand the impacts it has in the future or in the long run.

After a year Montana became the first state in the U.S. to contribute public funds to a bitcoin mining farm in a bid to increase employment opportunities, the proposed suspension comes along.

A $416,000 was awarded to Missoula County in June of last year to support a mining project called Spokane by the state government. Montana has been an engaging base for bitcoin mining operations due to its cold weather, which decreases the demand for artificial cooling of mining rigs, and more affordable power costs.

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